Donation Policy

BelovedRO: Donation info and policy

Thank you for considering donating to BelovedRO.
Playing at BelovedRO is 100% free; however, making a donation helps to cover the costs of running a server.
Donations are used to help pay server and hosting fees as well as going towards any server upgrades, advertising and other server expenses.

  • 1. All donations are voluntary.
  • 2. All donations and benefits of donations are non-refundable. Opening paypal dispute will result in block of your accounts.
  • 3. All information provided in our service will be kept confidential.
  • 4. Ownership of donation items or donation credits does not entitle you to special privileges or special treatment of any kind.
  • 5. Donation items will not be reimbursed due to player error, including deleting characters with items, abusing a bug, giving account information, and other methods not discovered or mentioned. It is your responsibility to keep track of your items and not lose them.
  • 6. Making a donation does not exempt you from abiding by the server rules. By donating you agree to the above policy.
We accept donations through the following payment systems:
International Players
  • PayPal - Pay using PayPal balance or debit / credit card attached to your account. For some countries you can attach GPay
Malaysia Players
  • Maybank - Pay using Online Transfer
Account Number: 155-050-274-853
Account Name: Thye Zi Guan
Bank Name: Maybank
Note: Please ensure you put in your in-game character name into the description.

In exchange for your donations we give you a special currency on the server: Cash Points.
You can exchange Cash Points for items on our donation item list.

Do you need help with donations?

  • Telegram (username: @ean202)
  • Discord (username: df#2844)